Grandfather Clock Repair

Every antique grandfather clock repaired by us is completely overhauled. Each Grandfather Clock is completely stripped to its component parts and cleaned in an ultra-sonic machine before being cleaned and polished by hand.
Any broken parts on the long case clock are repaired or replaced, pivots are re-faced and new bushes made and fitted where either the current bush is worn or the pivot is loose in the bush.
The barrels are relined with high quality, long lasting lines specifically developed for grandfather and longcase clocks.
Where pinions are worn it may be possible to move the pinion so that the wheels run on an unworn part. This is not always possible in which case new pinions and arbors may be cut and the wheels remounted. In the event of broken wheels it may also be necessary to cut new wheels.
The clock is then reassembled, the escapement and striking mechanisms adjusted and then the clock is run for the minimum of a week.
We provide estimates free of charge before we undertake any work. If when repairing / overhauling your clock, we come across any unforeseen repairs which will incur extra cost we will always call you first to explain the options and any implied costs.
All work is guaranteed for one year.

Grandfather Clock Dial and Case Restoration

We also restore Grandfather Clock dials. Where the dial is brass with silvering the brass reacts with the elements and over time becomes dull and blackened. We polish the brass and clean the spandrels. We then resilver the chapter ring and any other silvered parts and apply a lacquer then reassemble all.
Dials can be bought from being somewhat dilapidated back to their magnificent former glory!

We also repair and restore Grandfather Clock cases from severe damage from falls and fire to minor chips and veneer damage.