Mantle Clock Repair

Mantle Clocks come in many different shapes and sizes, however the term mantle clock generally refers to the German made 'Napoleon Hat' style clocks or the British made clocks such as the high quality Garrard or Elliot clocks. Every antique Mantle Clock repaired by us is completely overhauled. Each Mantle Clock is completely stripped to its component parts and cleaned in an ultra-sonic machine and if the brass has a polished finish it is cleaned and polished by hand.
Any broken parts on the mantle clock are repaired or replaced, pivots are re-faced and new bushes made and fitted where either the current bush is worn or the pivot is loose in the bush.
The barrels are opened and cleaned in the ultrasonic and then dried and oiled. If the mainspring is worn it is removed from the barrel and a new one fitted using a specialist tool so as not to deform the mainspring.
Where pinions are worn it may be possible to move the pinion so that the wheels run on an unworn part. This is not always possible in which case new pinions and arbors may be cut and the wheels remounted. In the event of broken wheels it may also be necessary to cut new wheels.
In the case of Clocks such as Elliot / Garrard Clocks which generally hava a lever escapement the escapement is completely stripped, cap jewels removed and cleaned in the ultrasonic. Cap jewles are checked for wear and if wear is present they are moved to ensure the pivots are running on an unworn part.
The clock and escapement is then reassembled, the escapement, striking and chiming mechanisms are adjusted and set, then the clock is run for the minimum of a week.
We provide estimates free of charge before we undertake any work. If when repairing / overhauling your clock, we come across any unforeseen repairs which will incur extra cost we will always call you first to explain the options and any implied costs.
All work is guaranteed for one year.